Excerpt:  Test Question
Which intervention by a school nurse would be most effective in helping a 6th grader, who often acts as a caregiver for a sibling with fragile X syndrome, to cope with and decrease classmate's teasing of a sibling with a disability?


Tell the 6th grader to ignore the bullies, and if that doesn't work, repeat, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me."
B Tell the 6th grader that he should report all instances of teasing or taunting by his classmates to his teacher or the principal.
C Ask the 6th grader for the names of the bullies and report the incidences of teasing and taunting to their teachers for corrective action.
D Ask the 6th grader if he would like to make a class presentation with your help about how fragile X was the first gene to be discovered in the Human Genome Project.
Correct Answer: D