Her Own Legacy

Chateau de Verzat Series

Headstrong Countess Joliette de Verzat prefers secretly managing her family’s Loire Valley château and vineyards to the cut-throat politics of Versailles. For nearly three centuries, generations of families have toiled to produce Château de Verzat wines, and their homes and livelihoods depend upon Joliette. But ancient laws block her from inheriting property—unless she is widowed.

Revolution erupts. Thousands of women march on Versailles. Caught in the battle, Joliette risks her own life to save her lover’s. She flees to Paris, blazing with hatred for aristocrats, where she discovers her illegitimate half-brother, Henri—the secret rightful heir who disdains the nobility to which he unknowingly belongs.

As insurrection mounts, Joliette faces heartbreaking choices. She must risk all that she loves and trust the people she has saved to save her.

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The Vineyard and Château that Inspired Château de Verzat

While researching in the Loire Valley, I discovered Château Brézé, an historical monument surrounded by a vineyard not far from Saumur.

The medieval ‘doomsday bunker’ hidden beneath a castle


The BBC filmed a wonderful video walking viewers through the deep network of tunnels under the château that forms one of Europe’s largest underground fortresses.


Video by Mathieu Orcel and Augustin Muniz

Borchert’s passionate tale is the first installment of the Château de Verzat series. …multifaceted…sustained intrigue…effervescent… A compelling wine tale…

Kirkus Reviews

This captivating novel immerses you in the breathless tumult of the French Revolution. Borchert’s broad historical sweep entwined with her inspiring characters’ most intimate details is truly masterful.

JoAnne Tompkins
Author of What Comes After