A Parisian Scent-sation: Le Musée du Parfum

Just a block from the Paris Opéra Garnier, Le Musée du Parfum occupies an 1850 townhouse decorated in much the same Rococo style of the painter, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, for whom the company is named.

A mélange of sensory delights in luxurious surroundings, this museum is both an architectural gem and interactive fragrance exhibition. Scents of lavender, mint, and jasmine linger in elegant rooms where battered copper stills stand adjacent to displays of crystal perfume flacons, elaborate toilette chests, whimsical atomizers. Test your nose at the antique orgue à parfum—featuring 200 vials of concentrates arranged in tiers, like an organ console. 

Free admission and tours. www.fragonard.com.

Image of antique perfume bottles.

Photo Courtesy Fragonard Parfumeur