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Soups of Château de Verzat

A Literary Cookbook & Culinary Tribute to the French Revolution

Would you believe my characters demanded I publish their recipes, or they’d stop speaking to me? As I was still working on the third book, Her Own War, I created this cookbook as a companion book to the Château de Verzat series.

In addition to healthy and easy-to-make soup recipes, I’ve included excerpted scenes, photographs that inspired me, and histories of food trends, like poisonous tubers. The proud owner of ten slow cookers—for serving at annual soup parties—I also includes tips for throwing a Souper Soup Party. 

Discover how a group of starving orphans, claiming the soup tasted like chamber-pot slops, drove Louis LaGarde to create Uncle Louis’s Lentil Soup. 

Learn Madame Bourran’s true motive for growing lemons. 

Laugh at Fortuné and Simon’s foibles creating a soup with Love Apples.

Bon Appétit!

Her Own Legacy 3D covers.

…delicious and healthy way to enjoy the flavors of France at home.

A Taste of France

Dreamy and delicious—easy enough for beginner chefs to conquer, but impressive enough to serve to your guests with pride.

Christina Consolé
Parisian Niche

The Potato-Leek soup titillates your taste buds. Très magnifique!

Carol Despeaux Fawcett, Author & Poet

This is definitely a keeper for my family!

Susan Patten

The [dash of] cayenne actually was a masterful touch.

Jen Dowdy